Success and better future for all

We implement Finland’s strategy “Fit For 55” in practice 

The Finnish government has chosen the bioeconomy as the basis of our success. The government supports domestic profitable investments in renewable natural resources. Processing biomass has brought us prosperity in the past, and will do so in the coming years.

We are part of the transition to renewable economy

We produce and circulate renewable materials, in addition to high-quality long-fiber pulp, dissolving pulp and microcrystalline pulp, MCC. MCC is a versatile, new bioproduct that is a proven filler and stabilizer for food, feed, cosmetics and medicine. Dissolving pulp is suitable for producing fabrics that replace cotton. Cellulose can also be used to make renewable materials and chemicals instead of using fossil raw materials.

We capture emission gases from wood based biomasses and process them to alternatives to fossil fuels. Biomethanol is well suitable as fuel for vessels, and other processing technologies enable production of aviation fuel.

Our goal is to manufacture highly refined and high-quality products with our partners. 

We produce renewable energy 

Bioenergy generated in production replaces traditional non-renewable energy. Kemijarvi Biorefinery uses half of the energy it produces and sells the surplus energy to the market or to other activities in the Kemijarvi Biopark. 

Participating in creating Finnish Excellence 

Our goal is to demonstrate in practise how to combine environmental, social and economic values into a well functioning industrial entity. This means well thought-out sourcing of feed stock, full use of wood, and supporting full utilization of side streams, as well as investments into environment- friendly technologies and continuous development of products and processes. Most of all, it means seeking and establishing partnerships, and creating ways of working in co-operation.

We cooperate with top experts in the field and as a partner of universities and educational institutions. 

We encourage forest management 

Having a local industrial buyer for thinning wood encourages forestry. Thinning enhances forest growth and thereby accelerates carbon absorption.

Well growing forests are less vulnerable to insects and diseases, and produce more higher value logs.

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery uses over 4 million cubic meters per year of thinning wood and wood chips as raw material. The feed stock is procured from local forests.

We support the protection of old forests

We buy cuttings and thus logs can be felled in thinning fellings instead of old forests. 

We promote employment in the North 

The construction phase will bring about 2,700 jobs. In commercial production, the Kemijarvi Biorefinery directly employs almost 200 professionals. In total, the region will benefit from over 1,000 new permanent jobs.