Ecological forerunner

The Kemijärvi biorefinery processes premium quality Northern wood into 700,000 tons of Nordic bleached and unbleached softwood kraft pulp, dissolving pulp and other bioproducts per year. The Kemijärvi biorefinery is located in the middle of growing forests. This shortens transportation distances and time resulting in less disturbances to the environment, cost savings and in reception of fresh wood, from which valuable, rapidly evaporating or dissolving ingredients can also be recovered. The wood is used 100%, partly in cooperation with our partners. We actively participate in developing and producing new, high value-added products from wood.

Cherishing nature and the environment

The Kemijärvi biorefinery is located by the beautiful Kemijärvi waterfront and by the Kemijoki river, famous for its wealth of tasty fish. Clean, unpolluted nature and happy, prosperous community are our core values on which werely in all choices.

We design and build the Kemijärvi biorefinery using the latest environmentally friendly solutions. In water purification, we work with top experts in the field and want to be among the world leaders. The bleaching process is environmentally friendly. We are currently studying how to deploy tertiary water purification in high volume industrial biorefinery processes and aim at closed process in due time.

We recover waste heat and sell the excess energy generated, approximately 0.4 TWH per year. We rely on electrified rail transportation to bring chemicals to the biorefinery and to take the production to the ports. Wood is purchased from thinning of woods, which encourages forestry and again strengthens forest growth.


Excellence Center for Northern Wood

Our core competences include wood processing and chemical expertise, manufacturing process for high value-added products and clean tech solutions in biorefinery processes. Our goal is to build an international center of excellence in connection with the biorefinery.