Building the region’s prosperity 

Demand for labor, services and raw materials 

We create new demand for labor, services and raw materials and attract talents from various high-technology industries and supporting service industries to the city of Kemijärvi and the Lapland region. 

The Kemijarvi Biopark obtains raw material from nearby forests and saw-mills and employs local people and companies. The Kemijarvi Biopark enables new sources of income to the people of the area in the form of wages, purchases and taxes. 

More than 1,000 new jobs 

The construction phase will bring about 2,700 jobs. In commercial production, the Kemijärvi Biopark directly employs almost 200 professionals. In total, Kemijärvi and Eastern Lapland will quickly create more than 1,000 permanent jobs thanks to the Kemijärvi Biopark. 

The development of production and products requires excellence in the field 

We cooperate with companies, educational institutions, and universities, and offer opportunities to develop and stay at the forefront of development. The core competence is related to environmentally friendly solutions in the manufacturing process, the development of new bio-based materials and digital services. 

Prosperity from wood 

For forest owners, saw mills, forestry and transport companies, we offer properous local partnership for thinning wood, wood residues and logistics in the area. We buy over 4 million m3 of wood, round wood and wood chips unsuitable for saw mills every year, including wood residues, first thinning and saw mill wastes. 

New business for companies 

The Kemijärvi Biopark needs the services of companies in the area and creates opportunities for growth and internationalization through purchases and the accumulation of know-how and experience. During the construction phase, subcontractors do the major part of the work and the accommodation and catering sector, and there is a significant increase in demand for trade operators. Commercial production requires raw material transportation, infrastructure development and maintenance, and services for the Kemijärvi Biopark, employees and partners. 

In the bioeconomy, added value is created for products with services and digital solutions. This creates demand for companies in the region and challenges them to develop into international experts in their field. 

The side streams are utilized in cooperation with partners. In this way, we offer opportunities for starting new business and developing the offer from side streams. 

More grazing lands for reindeer 

Properly implemented thinning increases important grazing lands for reindeers. The Kemijärvi Biopark creates an opportunity for a profitable log trade and egolocial forestry. The forest that grows in the old lupus is saved. With barren lichen fabrics, thinning promotes lichen, and in the most lush lands, e.g. hay growth. 

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