Biomethanol to replace fossil fuel

Kemijarvi Biorefinery processes biobased carbon monodixe and dioxide to produce biomethanol. Biomethanol replaces fossil fuel in transportation. Transportation is among the largest GHG emissions sources accounting for a fifth of all GHG emissions.

At the first stage, the biomethanol plant will annually produce 232,000 tonnes of green methanol. Production capacity will be expanded to one million tonnes in later stages. Green methanol is particularly attractive as a  fossils free alternative to diesel and other fossils based fuels, as it can be deployed relatively easily.

232,000 tonnes of biomethanol is equivalent to 116,000 tonnes of diesel in terms of energy. Replacing 116,000 tonnes of diesel with biomethanol leads to substantial reduction in GHG emissions.

The Kemijarvi Biomethanol plant will enhance energy self sufficiency of Finland and the region. If needed, even the first stage capacity will suffice to produce all fuel needed for transport in the region.

Transportation is among the largest sources of GHG emissions. Green methanol is in great demand to supply fossils free fuel.

Image: courtesy and copyright of DFDS. DFDS intends to build 6 vessels of tomorrow before 2030 – Getting renewable fuels for the ships is important for DFDS ability to decarbonise.