Cherishing beautiful nature and its wealth

Join us to build prosperity from wood

An ecological forerunner 

The Kemijärvi Biorefinery produces 700,000 tons of high-quality, long-fiber pulp, soluble pulp and other bioproducts from high-quality Northern wood.  

The location in the middle of growing forests shortens transport distances and offers fresh wood, from which valuable, quickly evaporating, and soluble ingredients can be recovered. In cooperation with partners, we make full use of the wood and are involved in the development of new, high added value products. 

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The cleanest biorefinery in the world 

Clean nature and a healthy environment are our core values. The Kemijarvi Biorefinery is planned and built using new, environmentally friendly processes and solutions.  

Our goal is to build the world’s cleanest industrial production site, which acts as a pioneer and an example of how nurturing the environment and clean nature and profitable business can go hand in hand. 

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Building the region’s prosperity 

We create new jobs, and demand for services and for local thinning wood. We attract talents from various high-technology industries and supporting service industries to the Kemijarvi and the region. 

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery obtains raw material from nearby forests and saw-mills and employs local people and companies. The Kemijarvi Biorefinery creates new sources of income to the region in the form of wages, purchases and taxes.

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Success and better future for all

We implement Finland’s strategy “Fit For 55” in practice 

The Finnish government has chosen the bioeconomy as a basis of success of our country. The government supports domestic profitable investments in renewable resources based industries. Finland has been successful with wood-based products in the past and will continue to be successful in the global markets, creating new and innovative ecological solutions.

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Responsible forest management 

The annual growth of forests in Northern Finland is 13 millions cubic meters of wood. Annual growth has been rising for decades and continues. Currently, about a half of the sustainable usage potential is unused. 

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Biomethanol to replace fossil fuel 

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery accepts the challenge of the EU and Finland for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon monoxide and dioxide gas emissions of the biorefinery will be captured and processed to produce biofuels and biopolymers that will reduce consumption of fossil raw materials and further greenhouse gases.

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