Vataset develops the Kemijarvi Biopark into the wood processing flagship with focus on high value added products of local wood raw material and strong environmental values. Wood is used 100% and energy generated in production is utilized onsite.

The fibre production is self sufficient in terms of energy, and annually generates additional 0,4 TWh of green electricity to be utilized onsite. There is also substantial amount of excess heat available.

Carbon released in the fibre production is captured and utilized in green energy production.

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery welcomes partners to utilize all side streams and to develop high value added products. Kemijarvi Biorefinery seeks for partners to provide a show case of most environmentally friendly biomass production facilities.

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery and the Norwegian Circa are seeking opportunities to work together in the Kemijarvi Biopark.

The Kemijarvi Biorefinery is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Lapland.