High earnings and sustainability meet

The biorefinery’s investment totals EUR 1,200 million. The payback period of the investment is less than four years. EBITDA is 55%. The project will be financed over 50% by equity based investments. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023.

By the clean water

The Kemijärvi biorefinery utilizes the most environmentally friendly production methods. Water purification is one of the most essential processes in biorefining. We are committed to ensuring that the operations of the Kemijärvi biorefinery do not impair water quality. This is in line with the Water Management Act (1299/2004) and the underlying EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60 / EC). The extra thermal energy generated in the biorefinery is utilized in further processing instead of eutrophication of waterworks.

The future in the midst of growing forests

In Lapland, 13 M m3 of wood grows per year. The Kemijärvi biorefinery uses 3.6 M m3 of wood annually. When the raw material grows nearby, the need and cost of transportation is the lowest. Short distances mean lower traffic emissions and harm to the environment. For the forest owner, short trips mean better earning.

Freshly felled wood and its bark contain valuable water- and oil-soluble nutrients that dissolve and evaporate relatively quickly after felling. Freshly felled wood is best utilized in a biorefinery close to the tree’s growth site. The Kemijärvi biorefinery utilizes wood 100%. There are many business opportunities in the further processing of renewable wood, including in the textile and pharmaceutical industries. We cooperate with research and educational institutions, as well as companies that develop and utilize new wood-based materials.

Growing demand guarantees high profitability

Demand for high-quality pulp continues to grow. In addition, there is a growing need to replace, for example, cotton, fossil materials used in the manufacture of plastics and various minerals with renewable, unpolluting natural resources. This development ensures a high demand for pulp and pulp-processed materials. The price of pulp has doubled in the last ten years and continues to grow.

The biorefinery’s profit is 34% per year

If you are a professional investor and interested in investing in a project, please contact: CEO Harri Vatanen, tel. +358 45 42 77 48, Harri(at)vataset.com